Aurora is a sustainable fashion label that offers premium vegan leather goods. Our products are created using natural materials to solve the concerning issues of food-crop waste. They are made sustainably and responsibly by utilizing vegan leather.

We believe ‘Ethical is the new luxury. Nature is the new exclusivity.’ To revolutionize the creation and perception of luxury fashion goods through nature, our value is to be innovative and experimental to push the boundaries of the leather used within the fashion industry.


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In a time filled with environmental issues, Aurora’s founder Jing Shi, has stepped forward and shedded light on one of the world’s lesser known issue of food-crop waste. Being a foodie, she has always wondered what would happen to the waste of food-crop after being discarded. As Jing Shi researched on the matter, she was in disbelief that the issues of food-crop waste could have such a significant impact on global warming. 

With this in mind, Jing Shi would like to share with the world her solution to this issue by merging her two favorite passions of food and fashion together. By turning previously unwanted food-crop waste to a sustainable handbag made from vegan leather which is a much more environmental friendly material. With Jing Shi’s Aurora, she believes that ethicality is the new luxury and nature is the new exclusivity.

Ethical is the new luxury. Nature is the new exclusivity.


Aurora strives to be a community dedicated to sustainability and inspire everyone to ‘be like Aurora’. The meaning of ‘Be Like Aurora’ is to have a consciousness of not only knowing the issues of food-crop waste, but also recognizing the consequences of our actions and choices we make towards nature.

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