365 Days + 1

365 DAYS +1 is a start-up retail establishment that offers protective and fashionable sleepwear clothing for women. 365 days stands for one year-round and +1 stands for 366 days that occurs every four years. Additionally, +1 also represents each one of you, and you all will always be our +1.

We are creating timeless pieces sleepwear line which are mosquito repellent. They are suitable to be worn in bed at home or out and about. All designs are exclusively made using 100% more environmentally friendly natural fibers and are made in Malaysia. We believe that If it comes from earth, it should go back to earth.

Our clothes are built be durable and providing women with future protective staples in wardrobes and bedrooms in many years to come.

We're inviting you to join us, be one of us, travel with us, relax and laugh with us. We believe a strong women's culture creates trust. So, let us protect and style you for a better life.



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Mosquito-Repellent  Lounge & Sleepwear



It's not easy for all of us to live in a tropical country that is surrounded with lots of mosquitoes. Lynn, the founder and her friends were having problems of getting mosquito bites almost everyday. It started to become very serious when a few of that had dengue,therefore, she decided to start the brand with a collection of mosquito repellent sleepwear for women to protect themselves from getting mosquitoes bites.

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